Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taronga Zoo, Mate

Getting to Taronga Zoo was fun. We left on the ferry from Circular Quay and cruised past the Opera House on Christmas Eve. It was to be the first of many ferry rides, and not the last time Jamie will go chasing her hat when the wind blows it off her head.

While at the Zoo, Jamie and I witnessed the painful boredom of the animals. The Grey-Headed Flying Foxes were sleeping, hanging high overhead in the cage they shared with others. All the other animals seemed to be mating to pass the time. The African Elephants were the most, shall we say, pronounced. I was impressed at how a third elephant purposefully stood in front of the two in coitus to provide more privacy!

Then we saw the Wallaby camp getting busy. Like clockwork, Jamie shows up and the animals immediately start humping. It's amazing. She says it's been like this since she was little, much to her mother's embarrassment.

What was fascinating about the Wallabies was the next picture I took. There was a third Wallaby here, but instead of blocking the view for onlookers as with the elephants, he seemed to be looking on as though the other Wallaby was mating with his wife.

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