Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ferry to Watson's Bay and Hike to Gap Point

On our second Ferry excursion we landed in Watson's Bay at the outer eastern edge of the inner harbor after passing Rose Bay and Double Bay. This ferry was one of the sweet little catamaran speed boats. Very cool lines. I want one.

When we landed we started walking through Robertson Park, east towards the trail for Gap Bluff, the trail that leads to the overlook from South Point to North Point in Manly. This was a beautiful overlook. We could stare at the water crashing against the rocks for a long time. The contrast of hard and soft is so powerful.

We climbed higher and higher until we came to the end of the trail. The view from South Point is one of many amazing vantage points in Sydney. I'm sure the Aborigines found these places tens of thousands of years ago, before they were used by the British and Australian forces to defend their colony from naval invasion.

By the time we got back onto the ferry the sun was starting to set. We were very lucky, as we were on the last ferry back to Circular Quay and we sat down early. From our comfortable seats we watched people slowly fill the boat to capacity, with the last stragglers left on the dock to find their own way home. That's rough!

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