Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blue Mountains or ... Bust

With high hopes for an inspiring mountain outing we planned our route via train to reach the Blue Mountains. Between Christmas and New Year's the tracks were being worked on and we actually boarded a bus to get us halfway there. I like the adventure of finding out how to get to a place I've never been before. It makes arriving there more special. Jamie was great company as always as we listened to the Deep House Cat podcast with our headphone splitter.

We sped up the mountain and passed a lot of interesting sites, but I was saving my pictures for when we arrived at the sacred place of lookouts, walkabouts, gondolas, and hiking trails. Once we got there we looked into the options, made our plans, and heading down the street to eat some tasty Thai food. I think Australia has the same number of Thai restaurants as there are sheep in New Zealand. Upon coming out of lunch, however, guess what happened?

All hell broke loose in the heavens and we were subjected to the most torrential downpour I could have imagined! There was no hope of the storm letting up, and after wandering around the streets of Kaloomba a little longer, we decided, together with scores of other unsatisfied tourists, to head back to the station and wait for the train to Sydney. The Blue Mountains may be gone from the agenda for now, but not forgotten.

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