Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wierdest Christmas Ever

Stephanie is the most active hostess any traveler could wish for. She graciously invited us to accompany her to "An Orphan's Christmas". I thought we would be doing something to benefit parentless children, but in fact we were the orphans. And we joined other orphans. And all the orphans drank like fish, which led to social unrest, which led to us on the street, on Christmas, not knowing exactly where we were.

It was a test for Jamie and I to figure out, and we came out OK in the end. It was a lesson learned in many ways. There were pleasant moments, and Jamie made friends with the Kiwis, but I think we were ready to get out of there. I missed my family so much. Jamie and I ended the night walking down the block in Randwick, and I was so saddened by all the lonely people that were roaming the streets that night. I felt very lucky to have Jamie with me, and for the rest of the trip I think our appreciation for each other held more value.

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