Thursday, January 22, 2009

Longterm Guanxi in China

Pictured: The Author with friends and associates in Shanghai, China.

I was forwarded this Harvard Business article by my friend at AGSM, Elad Sherf. As he implied I felt it spoke to my experience personally and I wrote the following response:

This article is perfectly in line with my experience learning about how to do business in China in the North Carolina Chinese Business Association, and the Chinese American Friendship Association.

Long term goal and Guanxi mean everything, not only to the success of business in China, but the establishment of a successful model for international business across the globe.

We must not view international business as occupying and taking advantage, for we are all, in fact, occupying the same space. We all share Planet Earth with the same resources and the same humanity.

To global leaders in business: Let us determine the path of a prosperous future with even-handed, long-term goals with mutual benefit and heartfelt cultural understanding.

The outcome will have an exponential positive impact.

Jonathan Blackwell

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