Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gordon's on the rocks

One of the most beautiful days we've had immediately followed the torrential downpour that kept us from the Blue Mountains. With the sun blazing, we outfitted for the beach and headed down Alison Rd on the fifteen minute walk to the beach. We took the high road, and walked along some bluffs overlooking Gordon's Bay, north of Coogee Beach. The water was so beautiful and clear! We walked straight down the trail to get there.

Gordon's Bay is a nice little spot. We've been back there since. I actually prefer hopping along the rocks like a monkey to slithering across a sandy beach. It reminds me of the amazing time I had at a similar beach in Cinque Terre on Italy's west coast.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we left after I had an invigorating swim. We decided to walk to Coogee as was our original intention to see what we were missing out on. It blew our minds when we got there! The place was so crowded it was beautiful! The pictures hardly do it justice, seeing that many people all in one place, all so relaxed and enjoying themselves. I love Australia at its best.

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