Monday, January 26, 2009

Sydney Aquarium

After we were burning up outside in the 40ºC heat, a group of us, led by the dynamic Patricio Noguerol, decided to go to the Sydney Aquarium to beat the heat. I was teasing Pato, as we call him, for having a psychic link with a fellow South American in our program, Phillip Whatmore from Chile. Immediately after the decision had been made, Pato had Phillip on the phone; he and his wife Catalina had already decided to go to the Aquarium and were on their way to meet us!

The Sydney Aquarium is an impressive array of tunnels and tanks, shuffling visitors through an aquatic zoo. I felt like a hamster waddling through a complex arrangement of tubes and observatories. Highlights were the shark tank and the entertaining comments made by Rishi Saghal, my brother in off the cuff humor. Unfortunately the Platypus decided to take the day off, which was upsetting. I'll have to find a small, rubbery, egg-laying mammal that is a cross between a duck and beaver somewhere else.

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