Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lounge 18 in Shanghai

Riding the coattails of my esteemed colleague Kevin Low, Jamie and I arrived at Lounge 18 in Shanghai, right along the Bund overlooking the Pudong financial district along the Huang Pu River. This place is awesome. On the inside it has the opulent colonial architecture from the Bund's heyday in the 1920's. Large lofted ceilings and sumptuous furniture cradled us as we sipped our burgundy and settled into conversation across our table.

We punctuated our speech with comments about how amazing the music was. I wish my blog were sophisticated enough to play a selection in the background while you read, but I'll do my best to describe it. I don't know if House Music means anything to you, but to be even more specific this was a breed of Deep House, my favorite. A great example is yours for the taking at the Deep House Cat Podcast.

To do this post justice, just download a podcast above and go to the Lounge 18 website. The DJ, Paul Cayrol, did such an amazing job all night that I had to get his card after dancing all night to add his brilliance to my bag of tricks! I was compelled to go up and shake his hand personally when he put on a Deep House remix of Obama's "Yes We Can" speech.

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