Friday, December 26, 2008

Beauty, Beaches and ... Bowling?

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I wanted to employ the help of Google Maps for this one. We (that's Jamie and me, not the Royal We) have been walking along the path between Coogee Beach and Bondi Beach (that's Bond-Eye) for a nice view of the coast. It's gorgeous. The path traces the public land lining the coast of these densely populated beaches. North of Coogee comes little Clovelly, then Bronte, before landing in Bondi, the mother of all Eastern Sydney beaches. Here leaving Coogee:

The trail passes beautiful homes, green parks, the Clovelly Bowling Club (it's a little different in Australia than in the States). The beach at Clovelly is a funny little thing. If you are looking at your Google Map you'll find where the ocean grew an extra little finger into the coast and, voila! Clovelly is a beautifully shaded bay with the deepest, skinniest beach I've ever seen. That reminds me of Jamie. She is very deep, and also very skinny. Here they are together:

After Clovelly there is a HUGE surprise that we weren't expecting, and it's so photographically rich I've saved it for another post. Let's just say it's THE LAST THING you'd expect. Continuing on ... the trail happens upon Bronte. Each time we rounded a turn the view became more dramatic. When we walked into Bronte there was actually a little girl's birthday party, complete with ABBA and Cindy Lauper bouncing into the airwaves. I didn't get evidence of that.

To be honest with you it got dark after Bronte and we ended up taking the bus to Bondi the next day, see next post. We tend to start our outdoor escapades later in the day to avoid the sun. It beats down on you here like a solar-masochistic dominatrix without the hand of the ozone layer to block its painful paddling. With pain like that, selling the Australians on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is like selling ice to Eskimos. Or Inuits. I'm sorry.

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