Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flat Black Helicopter

In the first of what may become a new series of posts, I'll be sharing a series of web search results based on a dream I had. I was working on a film set for some crazy Australian director, (I can't wait to meet him!) and the cast and crew were on the top of a hill overlooking a valley. There was a huge glass-blowing furnace that everyone was fueling by breathing into long tube stuck into the furnace. And they were all dressed like Dickensian Paupers. I know.

What inspired this post, however is what happened right at the end. I was looking at the moon, and saw a little flicker of red light just beyond it. After all of my crop circle research lately, I was thinking of what the first sign of Nibiru will be like from Earth. But as always, that's another story.

With unbelievable speed the source of came zooming towards the hilltop. At a distance it looked like a helicopter. Here's where it gets fun. That prompted me to look up what I thought it looked like. The first image came from Artist Christopher Conte. This guy is a true Leonardo da Vinci type. He is a trained artist that design prosthetics and biomachines, in addition to a unmanned helicopter for the military that looks close to the craft in my dream pictured up top. Check him out.

As the helicopter dramatically dropped below the ridgeline, only to emerge seconds later and come directly overhead, people noticed and started questioning what it was. As it got closer it looked nothing like this folding Hummel Helicopter, but that's another interesting search result. It actually looked like a flat black sting ray with short wings. It was directly overhead, within a meter of our heads. It got closer and closer until it was directly over me. At this point I had that feeling that my life had just taken a turn for the bizarro X-files.

To my relief I woke up and, to my knowledge, haven't been the subject of an abduction. The closest match to "Flat Black Helicopter" was actually a new beer brewed with coffee called the "Flat Earth Black Helicopter", oddly enough, as described by Aaron Landry. To give you the full background and draw you pictures of what I really saw in my dream, we'll have to discuss it over a cold one.

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