Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Executive, Legislative, and Judical

With two weeks left at ASI-Modulex I have the rare opportunity to speak more openly with my coworkers, particularly my manager Randy. After our conversation about politics at a company dinner, which could have easily lasted until 2am, I felt motivated to reinforce my knowledge of the subjects we covered. Thanks to my lovely sister Elizabeth, I've been surfing a website she sent me upon President-Elect Obama's victory. Obama's Presidential Transition Resources provide a very useful website which outlines the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. You can download individual pages from the document or all 695 pages of it. If you have Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, you can add revisions to it like this:

And now for something completely different! See what I am, and more importantly others are, writing for the Nasher Museum of Art Blog. At the end of a long weekend, the Nasher stayed up until midnight Friday and Saturday. I wonder how their El Greco to Velazquez hangover is going!

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