Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bringing "Future By Design" to Durham

Good Friends, I have just watched Future By Design, about Jacque Fresco's vision of the future of civilization. One of the ways he frames his argument is to say that "civilization" is a process, that we are never fully "civilized". To become civilized would require us to first put new systems in place that aim to erase hunger, poverty, apathy, greed, or any of the extremes of life that tear our mission of civilization apart. I'm working on bringing Jacque to Durham to screen Future By Design and have him speak afterwards. I've been in touch with Roxanne Meadows and Kim Gazecki, partners of Jacque Fresco and filmmaker William Gazecki. I will raise $2000 to bring Jacque and be granted rights to screen the film upon his confirmed trip. This is the most powerful way I can think to communicate where I want to go. Jacque has had a lifetime of work, serving occasionally as a military contractor much like Leonardo DaVinci, but always with the peace and harmony of a global system that improves the world we all share. I could start quoting the movie, but I want you to see it for yourself. Will you give me your support? You can see the trailer on the website here:

Let's make it happen!


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